Department of Languages

Department of Languages Students Honored at CAAH Awards Ceremony

On Friday, April 9, the College of Arts and Humanities held its annual awards ceremony to honor the exceptional achievements of CAAH students.

The in-person ceremony, which was initiated with live music performed by the Clemson University String Quartet, was attended by the honorees, CAAH Faculty, Chairs of the Departments, Dean Nicholas Vazsonyi, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Elysse Newman.

The Department of Languages awarded seven outstanding students:

Amanda White (Ann and Lamar Bayne Award for Excellence in American Sign Language), William Taylor (Award for Excellence in Spanish), Nikita Tran (JAASC Award in Excellence in Japanese), Sydney Tindall (Clemson Chinese Laoshi Awards for Best Achievement), Lauren Cvitkovic (Language and International Health Award for Excellence), Jessica Cole (Jordan A. Dean, Sr. Annual Award in French Studies), and Meredith Harley (Patricia Walker Wannamaker Language and International Trade Award for Highest Merit).

Congratulations to these exceptional students on their commendable achievements!