Schmidt, Johannes

February 24, 2018

Rainer, Godel and Johannes Schmidt (eds.): Herder Yearbook 14 (2018).

The Herder Yearbook offers—now for the fourteenth time—a selection of current research on Johann Gottfried Herder. This year’s volume collects eight contributions, among them articles on the Philosophieschrift , the  Plastik , and the  Humanitätsbriefe , as well as on Herder’s mentorship of female writers, Herder’s reception in Italy, the question of Herder’s particular universalism, and on his relationship to Martin Luther. Included are two source editions of Herder’s manuscripts. This volume presents again an extensive Herder bibliography including the continuation of Japanese literature on Herder. Two reviews conclude this volume. The Herder Yearbook is published on behalf of the International Herder Society and presents interdisciplinary scholarship on all aspects of Herder’s works as well as their publication history and reception.

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