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Why Clemson students should help build a healthier community in Las Malvinas

This article originally appeared in The Tiger.

Kevin J. Burke III, Marisol Miranda and Lauren Cvitkovic

As Clemson students, our primary goal is to walk across that stage at graduation knowing that we have made a positive impact on this university, and world, in some capacity. It is an instilled sense of camaraderie and pride that drives this objective into implementation. We live on this third rock from the sun knowing that life, at the present, is finite; it is, therefore, our responsibility to leave this world better for not only our own posterity but for all the children of this world who will come to inherit it. Whether this means aiding developing nations to refine their current infrastructure or establishing economic or healthcare reforms in order to promote growth and safety, every project has the potential to help make the global community better as a whole.

At Clemson, students have the opportunity to serve on research teams through the Creative Inquiry (CI) program. This program is utilized to promote not only research skills among students, but also allowing certain groups get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. One such CI is “Building Healthier Communities in Las Malvinas”. In this project, a group of Clemson students acts as liaisons for the university in the country of the Dominican Republic, specifically in the Las Malvinas community.

Building Healthy Communities in the Dominican Republic fall trip 2016. Photo courtesy of Arelis Moore de Peralta.

The objective of this project is to promote healthier living in the community, recording observational measures to ensure that the community is living under health standards based on “CDC evidence-based protocols.” Students can either serve solely on the research team or have the added opportunity of traveling to the Dominican Republic to aid in the on-the-ground operations behind the project. The students that have represented this project come from a variety of different majors and paths in life, all in the name of trying to bolster the Las Malvinas community in this developing nation.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you wish to leave a worldly impact while earning three credits towards your degree? Do you want to study abroad while at Clemson? If you answered yes to at least to one of these questions, this is the opportunity for you to accomplish all three. If you are interested in this project, there is both the CI with” Building Healthier Communities in Las Malvinas” in addition to an extracurricular club that has been formed in order to fundraise to further our service efforts. For more information relating to this project opportunity, please contact Dr. Arelis Moore de Peralta at