The Woods In Your Backyard

September 13, 2022

Do you have 1 to 10 acres of woods in your backyard? Would you like to reduce your lawn, plant trees, and invite wildlife to your suburban lot, all while becoming a better steward of your small parcel of land?

The Woods In Your Backyard workshop is designed with the small landowner in mind. It will help you to effectively care for forests and wildlife and increase your enjoyment of the land. You will learn to recognize and manage invasive plants & pests. It will identify potential income sources and help you understand how your land relates to the land around you.

Owners of even just a few acres can make a positive difference in their environment through planning and implementing the simple stewardship practices you will learn at The Woods In Your Backyard Workshop. Participants who own forested land, have natural areas, or are interested in turning mowed lawns into natural areas, are invited to attend! This workshop is designed specifically (but not exclusively) for smaller landowners, those with 1-10 acres.

Please contact Carolyn Dawson, Clemson Extension Forestry agent, at for more information. Date: October 15th, Hayden Conference Center, Clemson, SC

To register for the workshop click here.


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