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Analysis of South Carolina’s Stumpage Market Trends in the Second Quarter of 2021

Graph of the S.C. Statewide Pulpwood Stumpage Price. Q2'21 Hardwood Pulp $10.99/ton. Q2'21 Pine Pulpwood $9.60/ton
Graph of the S.C. Statewide Pulpwood Stumpage Price

South Carolina Pulpwood Stumpage Price Trends: Statewide pulpwood stumpage prices for both pine and hardwood were lower than the rates observed in the previous quarter. On average, South Carolina statewide pine pulpwood prices were $9.60/ton in the 2nd quarter of 2021. For mixed hardwood pulpwood, the statewide stumpage prices, on average, were $10.99/ton in this quarter. A slight market adjustment was observed in the pulpwood market for both pine and mixed hardwood as economic activities get back to normal. In this quarter, pine pulpwood had a lower percentage decline on average prices than the mixed hardwood rates observed last quarter.

Graph of S.C. Statewide Sawtimber Stumpage Price. Q2'21 Mixed Hardwood Sawtimber $23.05/ton. Q2'21 Pine Sawtimber $24.37/ton
Graph of S.C. Statewide Sawtimber Stumpage Price


South Carolina Sawtimber Stumpage Prices Trends: Pine sawtimber stumpage prices have continued their upward trajectory, but hardwood sawtimber prices started to decline in this quarter in South Carolina. Mixed hardwood sawtimber had statewide average prices of $23.05/ton in the second quarter of this year. On average, South Carolina statewide pine sawtimber prices were $24.37/ton in the 2nd quarter of 2021. In the previous two quarters, hardwood sawtimber prices were higher than the pine sawtimber rates, but the trend has reversed from this quarter. In general, the stumpage market is now coming out of the COVID-induced shock experienced during much of 2020.

Data credit: The sawtimber and pulpwood price data included in this newsletter are published with permission from TimberMart-South Athens, GA 30605 email

This article was originally featured in the Summer 2021 Version of CU in The Woods newsletter.


Puskar Khanal, Cooperative Extension, Forestry and Wildlife Specialist

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