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Using Hack-and-Squirt Method to Control Undesirable Vegetation

Hack-and-squirt, sometimes referred to as frill-and-spray, is a herbicide application method that applies the herbicide into the stem (trunk) and is used to target specific undesirable trees. There is a slight variance between hack-and-squirt and frill-and-spray. Generally, hack-and-squirt refers to a cut or series of cuts around the trunk of the tree determined by tree […]

Midstory/ Understory Control in Hardwood Stands

Area on the left received midstory chemical control versus untreated on the right.

Most mature hardwood stands lack an adequate abundance of oak reproduction (seedlings and saplings) on the forest floor. If oaks are to be successfully regenerated into the future stand, silvicultural practices need to begin years prior to the complete removal of the standing timber. One of these practices may include a midstory and understory treatment […]