Growing Our Future

September 7, 2022

The Growing Our Future Annual Forestry Meeting took place on June 1, 2022.  There were nearly 200 in attendance including landowners, resource management professionals, vendors, and speakers.  Participants learned how to manage their forested lands to better meet their objectives, as well as, obtaining higher returns on their investments.

Growing Our Future Annual Forestry Meeting


Speakers included Dr. Tom Dobbins (CUCES Director), Ryan Bean (CUCES FNR Agent), Scott Phillips (SCFC Director), Dr. Stephen Peairs (CUCES FNR Specialist), Dr. Cory Heaton (CUCES FNR Specialist), Scott Jones (FLA CEO), Dr. Roger Lowe (UGA Specialist), Cam Crawford (FASC CEO), Dr. Walt McPhail (SC Tree Farm), Chisolm Beckham (SCFC Cost-Share), and Eddie Reese (NRCS Cost-Share).


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