Lauren Black Venegas – 4-H Spring and Summer Recap 2022 and Upcoming Events

September 14, 2022

Saluda County 4-H is celebrating the past year while looking forward to the New Year in 4-H. This past 4-H year had several great summer workshops, state winners in different program areas, and multiple youth learning new things.

Here is a recap of this summer workshops:

All things Nature camp-we planted a pollinator garden box outside our front office.

Summer Recovery Camp with Saluda School District-we learned how things grow, how things are made and where they come from, Holidays around the world, and Lunch Box fun.

Canning Camp-We learned about canning tomatoes and recipes that use tomatoes.

Cooking Like a Chef Camp-a 2-day camp where they made healthy recipes while learning knife skills and other cooking skills.

Art and Craft Camp-we learned about weaving and made our own tapestry.

STEM Camp-We went on an adventure with Journey to Mars, making scooter bots, learned about coding, and designed their own toothpick bridge.

Kids in the Kitchen Camp-We made different easy recipes that would create a great dinner or meal for the family.

Sewing Camp-Youth made their own pajama pants.

Livestock Camp-We had seven different livestock species there, the youth rotated to each animal to learn about taking care of the animal and how to show the animal.

At State 4-H Congress, Mya Chapman, was recognize as a State Portfolio Winner and won National 4-H Conference Trip and Scholarship.

We also have State Winners in the following areas:

Jonathon Chapman-State Junior Winner in Garden.

Tori Templeton-State Cloverbud Winner in Beef.

Tabitha Swygert-State Senior Winner in Swine.

Avery Quattlebaum-State Senior Winner in Healthy Lifestyles.

Thomas Corley-State Divisional HOA Winner-R in 4-H Shotgun Program.

This past school year Saluda 4-H partners with Saluda District Water and Soil Conservation to help youth learn about growing tomatoes. We passed out about 75 tomato plants to youth that participate in 4-H after school program. We had 5 youth complete the program completely with completing a record book, entering the tomato contest, and submitting demonstrations and presentations about their tomatoes.

We are excited to have this year’s State Bee Project winners in Saluda County.

Senior Division winner was Mya Chapman and Junior Division winner is Jonathon Chapman.

We are looking forward to a great New 4-H year! Starting in September we will have our after school clubs starting.

Hollywood Elementary has 2 clubs Little Leaf and Lucky Leaf.

Saluda Primary-Elementary has 2 clubs-Saluda Mini Clovers and Saluda Clovers NEW!

Saluda Middle School has 1 club-Saluda Cloverleaf!

In October we will be starting our specialty clubs:

Cooking Clubs-2 Saluda Mini Cooking and Saluda Cooking Chef Club NEW!

Livestock Club NEW!

Sewing Club!

Shotgun Club-Richland Creek Top Guns 4-H Club

If you have any questions, please let Lauren Black Venegas know at will also be offering All Things Workshop series. Registration for these workshops will come out at soon. Our first is September 30th, All Things Fall Workshop.


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