Rural Health and Nutrition

August 31, 2021

Since January 2021, Health Extension Agent Melissa Bales has delivered various health education programs to the community. These programs include the Diabetes Prevention Program, Health Extension for Diabetes, WalkSC, and Know Diabetes by Heart. Over the first seven months of the year, these programs have reached 169 participants from across the state, most of whom live in Greenville County. These programs will continue to serve clients over the next several months. The Diabetes Prevention Program and Health Extension for groups at the end of August. Health Extension for Diabetes and Know Diabetes by Heart will start offering Spanish sessions beginning this fall, allowing for a broader reach of these programs to the community. WalkSC will also start another program this fall. In addition, Health Extension for Diabetes and Know Diabetes by Heart are going to be face-to-face classes! Programs will begin in downtown Greenville and Greer in September. We are thrilled to start going back into the community to deliver these health programs and connect face-to-face once again!

Melissa Bales, Health Extension Agent



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