Water Resources

February 14, 2023

Winter view of a healthy pond.

Winter view of a healthy pond.

Heather Nix
Water Resource Agent

The Water Resources Team continues to develop a variety of educational materials and programs, including these new offerings:

Water planning efforts continue throughout the state to ensure plentiful, clean water for future generations. The SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is leading the creation of River Basin Councils in each of SC’s eight major river basins; these Councils will work over a two-year period to draft a River Basin Plan.

  • The Edisto River Basin Council has released a draft of the Edisto River Basin Plan for public comment.
  • The Broad River Basin Council  formed in 2022, and ongoing monthly meetings are open to the public; applications may be accepted for a representative from a Local Government located within the Broad River Basin.
  • The Saluda River Basin Council is currently being formed and will likely begin meeting in Spring 2023.

Upcoming events: Our free Adopt-A-Stream volunteer water quality monitoring training is available on various dates. Registration is currently open for the Spring 2023 Post-Construction BMP Inspector certification and re-certification. Please keep an eye on the Clemson Extension Events Calendar for information on additional events.


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