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Identifying Common Longleaf Pine Planting Mistakes

Longleaf seedlings. Photo credit: David Dickens, University of Georgia,

Successfully planting longleaf pine requires attention to detail. Recognizing mistakes may mean the difference between moving forward with a successful stand or starting over. Here is what you should be looking for: It is highly recommended that you work with your planting contractor so that you can check in during the planting process. If you’re […]

Seedling Selection Guidelines for Forest Landowners

The selection of tree seedlings for reforestation or the conversion of open land to woodlands is often only done a few times over ownership of a property. Therefore, making sure that the right seedlings are purchased is a very important step in woodland management. The factors to consider when selecting seedlings are landowner objectives, soils […]

Chemical Release of Planted Pines

Excerpt taken from the label of Arsenal AC®

In pine plantations, competition for available resources such as water, nutrients, and growing space can slow growth and decrease survival. Often, a chemical release is needed to help remove competing vegetation for your pines to thrive. There are several herbicides approved for forestry use that are available for pine seedling release. The selection of a […]