Confined Animal Manure Manager Program Offers On-line Recertification

September 12, 2022

All SC Confined Animal Facility Growers are required by State Regulation R.61-43 to attend the Confined Animal Manure Manager (CAMM) certification training provided by Clemson Extension, USDA-NRCS, and SCDHEC.  They are then required to obtain 10 hours of recertification credit each 5 years.  These recertification credits are offered around the State on a variety of topics.

The CAMM program team worked diligently to offer live, on-line Zoom recertification trainings beginning in the summer of 2020.  Since that time the team has offered more than 30 on-line recertification trainings for CAMM- certified growers.  The intent is not to replace in-person trainings, but to offer another option for growers to attend the trainings.

Approximately 20% of CAMM-certified growers have attended one or more on-line trainings during the current 5 year period, which ends June 30, 2025.

For more information about the Confined Animal Manure Training Program visit .

An image of a CAMM Zoom introduction screen.

A welcome screen for an on-line CAMM Recertification training. Approximately 20% of certified SC Confined Animal Facility Growers have attended an on-line class since January 2021.


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