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Vacation Safety Quiz – July 2023

Questions 1. True or False: if you see someone caught in a rip current, run into the water immediately to help them. 2. When swimming, you should always have a __________. 3. True or False: you should never operate a boat under the influence because it can impair your decision-making abilities. 4. What should you […]

Vacation Safety – July 2023

Vacation Safety Farmers take vacations too, and because of this, it is important to always remember some safety tips while you or your loved ones are away from the farm. The beach can be a relaxing place, but it can also present a variety of hazards. Important Tips to Remember on the Beach and in […]

Ag Injury News Report

Ag Injury News Report 6/13/2023: Report: Arkansas football commit dies in ATV accident 5/29/2023: Teen seriously injured when vehicle strikes tractor in northwest Minnesota 5/23/2023: Goldberg suffers bloody head wound in farm accident 5/23/2023: Jackson County woman dies after pin-in crash with combine 5/12/2023: Mosinee man, 44, dies in farming accident after silage motor falls […]