Clemson Agricultural Safety

Ag Injury News Report – April 2022

Ag Injury News Report 3/16/2022:Basco man found dead in grain bin in Sutter 2/28/2022:Bethel Township man drowns in backyard pond 2/28/2022:Sheriff: One hospitalized following Lincoln-area farm fire 2/25/2022:Overturned tractor pins, kills one man Friday night 2/23/2022:Berks man dies from injuries sustained during farming accident in Richmond Twp. 2/19/2022: Hardin County man killed in farm accident […]

Chainsaw Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. True or false, it is okay to cut through metal nails or spikes with your chainsaw? 2. What should you do when transporting your chainsaw on rough terrain? 3. True or false, while operating a chainsaw, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothes as you might get hot while working? 4. What is […]

Safety Information – April 2022

Chainsaw Safety Operating a chainsaw can be a hazardous operation. However, using PPE and understanding the working of the chainsaw in your, these hazards can be limited. Before operating your chainsaw, clear away any dirt, debris, small limbs, or rocks. Also, check for nails, spikes, or other metal pieces that might be present in the […]