Clemson Agricultural Safety

Hazard Identification Quiz Answers

Questions 1. _________ is an unplanned event that could result in human injury but does not. 2. Who outlined six spets for identifying hazards? 3. What is the final step in identifying hazards? 4. True or false: the root cause of an incident is the primary issue or hazard that led to the incident occurring. […]

Safety Information – August 2022

Hazard Identification Root Causes Incidents happen very often in agricultural workplaces. Often, the cause of these incidents is hazards. These hazards are referred to as “root causes” because the hazard itself resulted in the incident. Examples of root causes are improper training, disorganization, and improper storage of chemicals. Near Misses Often times near misses occur […]

Ag Injury News Report – August 2022

Ag Injury News 7/24/2022: Man dies at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, investigation underway 7/24/2022:York County man found dead after skid loader accident: coroner 7/23/2022:Coroner: 11-year-old boy killed in ATV accident in Highland County 7/19/2022:White Oak man injured after he is pinned to tractor by a tree 7/18/2022:Woman airlifted to hospital after being thrown, kicked by […]