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Stress Management Quiz

Questions 1. True or false: Sleep affects your ability to manage stress. 2. Before an emergency arises, what should you do? 3. You should always ensure that you have a ____________ _________ that you can go to during stressful situations. 4. True or false: Being vulnerable during stressful situations is not okay. 5. During stressful […]

Stress Management – April 2023

Stress Management Stressful situations and events are a part of everyone’s lives. While this is the case, there are many ways to help mitigate and overcome stressful situations. 1. Always have a plan in the event of emergencies: Emergencies cause stress that is often not accounted for in everyday life. Before an emergency ensues, ensure […]

Ag Injury News – April 2023

Ag Injury News Report 2/21/2023: Man airlifted to hospital after rescued from grain bin 2/19/2023: Woman killed after crashing into tractor in Modesto 2/15/2023: One dead, multiple injured after ATV crash in Palmyra 2/14/2023: Amish buggy hit from behind, 6 injured in northeast Iowa 2/13/2023: Crash knocks over truck carrying 41 cows near Green Bay