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Chainsaw Safety Quiz

Questions  1. True or False: You should always drop-start your chainsaw. 2. You should never wear ______ _________ when operating a chainsaw.3. Limbs or branches under tension may do what when cut?4. When walking on uneven terrain, you should do what?5. What are some PPE that should be worn when operating a chainsaw? Answers 1. False2. […]

Ag Injury News Report – February 2023

Ag Injury News Report 1/10/2023: Rural Cashton man injured in farm accident 1/6/2023: Man Seriously Hurt After Arm Becomes Trapped in Farm Equipment: Kane County Sheriff 1/1/2023: Man dies in UTV crash in Gilchrist County 12/29/2022: 3 siblings injured in Berrien Co. farming accident 12/27/2022: Fatal logging accident reported 12/25/2022: Police: Man dead after fall from Central Farm Service 12/13/2022: Farmer […]

Chainsaw Safety – February 2023

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Before you operate a chainsaw: Check that all controls are fully functional and that the chain is tight and secured.  Check all fluid levels before starting your chainsaw. Ensure that the blade is sharp and right for the tools. Always wear the proper PPE, hearing protection, eye protection, and body protection. Always start your chainsaw […]