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Electric Fence Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. What kind of wire should not be used on electric fences? 2. True or false: it is okay to run electric fences parallel to overhead powerlines? 3. How often should warning signs be placed on electric fences that are accessible to the public? 4. True or false: you should not attach electric fence […]

Safety Information – March 2022

Electric Fence Safety Electric fences are standard in many farming operations. They serve as an added barrier in most livestock operations. While many farmers are often familiar with this equipment, there are still many important safety factors to consider when installing, repairing, and utilizing electric fences. 1. Do not attempt to connect multiple energizers to […]

Ag Injury News Report – March 2022

Ag Injury News Report 2/11/2022: Alabama man killed in accident involving farm tractor 2/11/2022: Person dead after firefighters, volunteers respond to grain bin rescue 2/7/2022: Injured Pine River man rescued from silo 2/3/2022: Ore. FF dies from injuries sustained in barn fire 2/3/2022: Deadly Fire At Bennington Horse Farm Ruled An Accident 1/31/2022: Brownfield Area […]