Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – June 2021

Gasoline and Diesel Safety Information Both Gasoline and diesel are flammable liquids. Always store at room temperature away from heat sources. Always store gasoline and diesel in approved and labeled containers and keep containers closed tightly to prevent spills. If minor spills happen, absorb with sawdust, paper, or rags. If major spills occur, contain and […]

Safety Spotlight – June 2021

Sandy Lovern Hometown: Fort Lawn, SC Position: Owner of Lovern Greenhouses “When I was younger, I never thought that agriculture was going to be the path I chose in life, but when I moved to South Carolina, that is where I ended up. I found myself in the greenhouse at my high school, and that […]

Ag Injury News Report – June 2021

Ag Injury News Report 5/06/2021: Fieldworker killed in Kings County after being thrown out of truck, trapped under big rig 5/06/2021: 28-year-old Saginaw man killed in car accident involving a farm tractor 5/05/2021: Two-year-old seriously injured in tractor accident 5/01/2021: SHERIFF: Tractor accident led to shed fire that killed Seward man 5/01/2021: Man injured in tractor accident […]