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Harvest Safety Quiz – October 2023

Questions 1. Before attaching or detaching your PTO, you should do what? 2. What are the three things that should be done or checked before traveling on a roadway? 3. If your machine is equipped with a ROPS, what should you do? 4. True or False: Taking rest, having adequate meals, and having a good […]

Ag Injury News Report – October 2023

Ag Injury News Report 8/17/2023: Iowa Co. man flown to hospital after being hit by bull 8/16/2023: Huron County man, 81, seriously injured when tractor runs over him 8/15/2023: Humphrey man dies in grain bin accident east of Lindsay 8/12/2023: Ag Briefs: 85 year old Eldorado man dies in farm accident 8/9/2023: 3 Floridians dead […]

Harvest Safety – October 2023

Harvest Safety Harvest time can be very stressful for all involved. With stress often comes shortcuts, and safety is often forgotten about. While many believe that this may save them time, in the event of an accident, more time is lost because those injured may no longer be able to assist with the harvest. Follow these […]