Clemson Agricultural Safety

Irrigation and Center Pivot Safety – March 2024

Irrigation and Center Pivot Safety Irrigation and center pivots provide much needed water to crops all across the state. While these systems have many benefits, like everything else, they are surrounded by various hazards. A main concern pertaining to center pivots is they have a high chance of being struck by lightning and becoming energized. […]

Irrigation and Center Pivot Safety Quiz – March 2024

Questions 1. If water is being sprayed on a powerline, what should you immediately do? 2. What three things increase the chances of a center pivot being struck by lightning? 3. Before touching a center pivot, you should always _______ it. 4. True or False: The hand/footholds on center pivots are designed to be used […]

Ag Injury News Report – March 2024

Ag Injury News Report 1/27/2024: Sheriff: Man in Wisconsin dies after reported farm accident, no foul play suspected 1/22/2024: Volunteer fire chief killed in ATV accident 1/22/2024: Man seriously injured in Williams County tractor crash 1/21/2024: A 2 y/o girl was fatally injured in a farm incident 1/17/2024: Jenison man in critical condition after car […]