Clemson Agricultural Safety

Ag Injury News Report – July 2022

Ag Injury News Report 6/05/2022: Man Killed in Tractor Accident in McKean 6/02/2022:1 hurt after tractor incident in Trempealeau County 6/02/2022:Man rescued from Spencer County grain bin 6/01/2022:Rural Dodge man dies in tractor accident 5/31/2022:UPDATE: Heyworth man identified as victim of fatal farm tractor-semi crash 5/30/2022:16-year-old seriously injured in tractor-locomotive crash 5/21/2022:New Hampshire woman struck, […]

Hot Weather Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. People over the age of ____ are at the highest risk of heat stress. 2. True or false: high humidity has no effect on your body’s ability to cool you down. 3. What should you never leave in your car on hot days? 4. True or false: lightweight clothes should be worn on […]

Safety Information – July 2022

Hot Weather Safety High temperatures during the summer months kill hundreds of people every year. It is important to stay cool and hydrated when working in hot weather. There are many ways to protect yourself from heat and sun exposure including, drinking water, limiting outdoor activity in the hottest part of the day, and wearing […]

Ag Injury News Report – June 2022

Ag Injury News Report 5/20/2022: Horse kicks teen in the chest so hard he goes into cardiac arrest, Oklahoma family says 5/18/2022: La Crosse Co. man dies after getting pinned under tractor 5/17/2022: Man killed in tractor rollover in Ottawa 5/17/2022: Hillman man survives side-by-side crash, Tuesday 5/08/2022: 2-year-old child dies in farm machinery accident […]

Center Pivot Safety Quiz Answers

Questions 1. True or false – the best time to perform maintenance on a center pivot is during a storm. 2. What should you do if you notice a center pivot spraying on a powerline or transformer? 3. True or false – you should not wear loose-fitting clothes while working around power transmitting devices? 4. […]

Safety Information – June 2022

Center Pivot Safety Voltage Tester Tutorial Irrigation Hazard – Lightning Stay away from center pivots during storms. These large metal structures act as receptors for lightning due to their height in large open areas. Irrigation Hazards – Spraying Water on Powerlines If you notice water from an irrigation system spraying on a powerline or transformer, […]