Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – June 2022

Center Pivot Safety

Voltage Tester Tutorial

Irrigation Hazard – Lightning

Stay away from center pivots during storms. These large metal structures act as receptors for lightning due to their height in large open areas.

Irrigation Hazards – Spraying Water on Powerlines

If you notice water from an irrigation system spraying on a powerline or transformer, do not touch the system and call the power company. Electrical current can be carried through the water and could result in electric shock.

Irrigation Hazard – Entanglements

Never approach an unguarded PTO, belt, or other power transmitting device. Alert others around you and the owner if you find a hazard. Never wear loose-fitting clothing or have long hair down while working around a PTO shaft or other power transmitting device.

Irrigation Hazard – Falls

Oftentimes, there may be foot or hand holds present on a center pivot. These are NOT ladders! Ladders must be properly anchored and angled before scaling a center pivot.

Irrigation Hazard – Run Overs

Keep vehicles and other structures out of the path of a center pivot. These structures have excellent traction and can scale vehicles, buildings, and human beings.

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