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Fall Prevention and Safety Answers

1. 55 years and older are most commonly affected by falls. 2. True, properly fitting shoes that have nonslip soles can be the difference between falling and standing up. 3. While working on an elevated surface, you should wear a safety harness in the event of a fall. 4. Clutter around the workplace increase the […]

Safety Information – February 2022

Fall Prevention and Safety Falls are a common workplace hazard, however, they are most common among individuals 55 years in age or older. There are many ways to prevent falls that are both economical and easy. Attach extra railings on elevated surfaces. Place nonslip tape on steps and other surfaces that may become slippery. When […]

Ag Injury News Report – February 2022

Ag Injury News Report 1/27/2022: Crews rescue man trapped in corn bin on Cedar Rapids farm 1/25/2022: Man dead after heavy machinery falls at South Miami-Dade farm 1/19/2022: Toddler found in stock pond minutes after disappearing, Texas sheriff says. ‘Pray hard’ 1/16/2022: Farm worker dies after being hit by tractor at Sanilac Co. 1/14/2022: Farmer […]