Clemson Agricultural Safety

ATV/UTV Safety – June 2024

ATV and UTV Safety ATVs and UTVs are essential tools for many agricultural operations. These off-road vehicles provide transportation on farms that would be inaccessible with a standard vehicle. While these tools make life easier on the farm, they present many dangers, such as rollovers, pins, and collisions. Before operating an ATV or UTV, ensure […]

ATV/UTV Safety Quiz – June 2024

Questions 1. How old must you be to operate an ATV without adult supervision? 2. When operating a UTV, where should all passengers be located? 3. True or False: Riding on a single-rider ATV with a passenger affects the handling and center of gravity of the ATV. 4. True or False: You must be 16 […]

Lawnmower Safety Quiz – May 2024

Questions 1. What PPE should be worn when operating a lawnmower? 2. Where should your discharge chute be pointed when mowing next to a roadway? 3. How fast can debris fly out of the chute of your lawnmower? 4. Before removing grass or debris from the deck, what should you do? 5. True or False: […]

Lawnmower Safety – May 2024

Lawnmower Safety LAWNMOWER SAFETY BASICS PPE: closed‐toed shoes, ear, and eye protection Do not pull the mower backward or mow in reverse Always turn off the mower engine when removing any grass, cleaning clogged chutes, or crossing gravel paths and road. Do not allow children to ride as passengers Use mowers with adequate lighting or […]

Roadway Safety Quiz – April 2024

Questions 1. List three things that are protective equipment for agricultural equipment. 2. A slow-moving vehicle sign is required on equipment that travels at less than __________. 3. Why is it dangerous to pass agricultural equipment on rural roadways? 4. Before traveling on a rural roadway in agricultural equipment, if you have ROPS, what should […]

Roadway Safety – April 2024

Rural roadway with sprayer traveling and multiple vehicles passing in the other lane.

Roadway Safety Roadway travel for agricultural equipment is necessary in South Carolina because most fields are farther apart. With fields farther apart than other states, farmers spend a substantial amount of time traveling from field to field, increasing the risk of having a collision on a rural roadway. In South Carolina, 60% of all roadway […]

Irrigation and Center Pivot Safety – March 2024

Irrigation and Center Pivot Safety Irrigation and center pivots provide much needed water to crops all across the state. While these systems have many benefits, like everything else, they are surrounded by various hazards. A main concern pertaining to center pivots is they have a high chance of being struck by lightning and becoming energized. […]

Irrigation and Center Pivot Safety Quiz – March 2024

Questions 1. If water is being sprayed on a powerline, what should you immediately do? 2. What three things increase the chances of a center pivot being struck by lightning? 3. Before touching a center pivot, you should always _______ it. 4. True or False: The hand/footholds on center pivots are designed to be used […]

Fall Prevention and Safety – February 2024

Fall Prevention and Safety When discussing fall prevention and safety, most immediately think of falling from heights. While this is still an important piece to discuss, many people gloss over falls that occur every day on the farm due to slips and trips. The best way to prevent falls is to ensure that proper safety […]

Fall Prevention and Safety Quiz – February 2024

Questions 1. What does PFAS stand for? 2. How many pounds must a safety net be able to sustain during a drop test? 3. What are the ABCs of PFAS? 4. True or False: Guardrails on farms must meet all OSHA regulations. 5. What is an essential way to prevent slips and trips on or […]