Clemson Agricultural Safety

Child and Public Safety Quiz

Questions 1. True or False: children at least 15 years in age can be employed on farming operations. 2. Children should only ride as passengers on equipment if _____________________________. 3. True or False: children should never ride as a passenger on a lawnmower. 4. Where should chemicals and pesticides be stored? 5. At what age […]

Child and Public Safety – June 2023

Child and Public Safety Every year thousands of children and general public individuals visit farms during the summer months. It is important to take the correct precautions to prevent injury to those who are not on farms full-time. Laws to know: It is illegal for children under the age of 13 to operate any self-propelled […]

Ag Injury News Report

Ag Injury News Report 4/16/2023: St. Charles boy, 5, killed in tractor accident 4/13/2023: Hay Bale Fire and Propane Tank Explosion Near Newkirk 4/12/2023: 58-year-old hospitalized after hitting a tractor near Clio 4/12/2023: Tractor accident claims life of 90-year-old rural Patoka man 4/10/2023: Explosion at Texas dairy farm kills nearly 20,000 cattle, critically injures 1 […]

Electrical Safety Quiz

Questions 1. True or false: Voltage is highest at the source if there is a down powerline. 2. What should you do if a fire sparks after you hit a powerline with a piece of equipment? 3. How far should you stay back from a down powerline? 4. What can happen if you step on […]

Electrical Safety – May 2023

Electrical Safety Overhead powerlines can present many issues when moving equipment. The most common issues arise when moving grain augers, bale elevators, and other tall equipment. Steps to prevent equipment from coming in contact with overhead powerlines are to lower the equipment, if possible, or contact your local power company and inquire about raising the […]

Ag Injury News Report

Ag Injury News Report 4/9/2023: Man hospitalized following tractor crash in Farmersville 4/6/2023: Barneveld boy, 13, dies after UTV crash into river, Iowa County authorities say 4/6/2023: 1 injured after tree crashes down on farm in Westport 4/4/2023: Vancouver man killed in tractor accident east of Washougal 4/3/2023: Motorcyclist airlifted to hospital following crash with […]