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Chemical Safety Quiz

Questions 1. When is a chemical considered to be the most dangerous? 2. _______ and ____________ can cause chemicals to be moved from their intended place.  3. What occurs when a chemical enters the human body and causes harm 4. What is always the first step when responding to a poisoning emergency?  5. What information […]

Chemical Safety – January 2023

Chemical Safety The term chemical is a broad term, specific types of chemicals are herbicides, pesticides, and rodenticides. Each chemical requires different handling procedures and different PPE. It is important to always read the label and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions pertaining to the chemical. Mixing and Applying Chemicals A chemical is […]

Ag Injury News Report – January 2023

Ag Injury News Report 12/14/2022: Callender man killed in farm accident 12/13/2022: Farmer died crushed by a tree in San Pedro 12/09/2022: 2 cars hit trailer, farm equipment in fatal crash on rural Indiana road 11/14/2022: St. Charles man, 82, identified in fatal Malta crash 11/08/2022: ‘He never made it back out.’ Newburgh father killed […]