Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – August 2021

Electrical Safety Electrical Safety Display Answers 1. Breaker is too large for the circuit. 2. Exposed wire at the base of the breaker. 3. GFCI is placed at the end of the circuit, leaving it unprotected. 4. Connecting wires are exposed. 5. Outlet is broken and exposed on the opposite side. 6. Ground is broken. […]

Ag Injury News Report – August 2021

Ag Injury News Report 7/09/2021: White County man in hospital with life-threatening injuries after crash 7/06/2021: Missouri man killed in head-on crash with farm tractor 7/06/2021: Police: Teen recovering after farm accident 7/04/2021: Rancher pinned under ATV for two days survived on water, beer 6/30/2021: Saint Ansgar man killed in tractor accident 6/30/2021: Man pinned […]

Safety Spotlight – August 2021

Michael Plumblee Hometown: Aiken, SC Position: Corn and Soybean Extension Specialist I am an Assistant Professor in Plant and Environmental Sciences at Clemson University and I am the Corn and Soybean Extension Specialist covering the state of SC. I work with farmers, Extension agents, and other stakeholders on issues related to corn and soybean agronomics, […]