Clemson Agricultural Safety

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2023 – Health and Wellness Quiz

Questions 1. True or False: SC AgrAbility is a program offered to farmers in South Carolina to assist with health and wellness. 2. Always ensure that you have a good ________ ________ to lean on when you are stressed. 3. Why is the agricultural industry rather stressful? 4. Keeping your body healthy is important for […]

National Farm and Safety Week 2023 – Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness While many people on the outside of agriculture view the industry as a relaxing and uplifting occupation, many of those in the industry feel the opposite. Agricultural work can be taxing on both the body and the mind. It is important to always remember that overall health and wellness are important to […]

National Farm Safety and Health Week – Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety Quiz

Questions 1. What is the top speed at which equipment with a slow-moving vehicle sign can travel? 2. Before traveling roadways, left and right brakes should be ________. 3. Between what hours are farm vehicle collisions most common? 4. What state ranked number 1 in the US for most deaths on non-interstate rural roadways? 5. […]

National Farm Safety and Health Week – Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety

Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety Rural roadways present a number of hazards to not only those operating equipment but also those operating passenger vehicles. In 2022, South Carolina ranked number 1 in the country for deaths on non-interstate, rural roadways. It is estimated that South Carolina’s fatality rate on rural roadways is 4.13 deaths per […]

South Carolina AgrAbility

South Carolina AgrAbility The vision of AgrAbility is to enhance the quality of life for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities so that they, their families, and their communities continue to succeed in rural America. AgrAbility consists of the National AgrAbility Project (NAP) and State/Regional AgrAbility Projects (SRAPs). Both the NAP and all the […]

Sting and Bite Safety Quiz

Questions 1. True or False: If you are bitten by a snake on your hand, you should elevate your hand above your heart. 2. Stinging insects are often found around _________ ________. 3. If you are wearing pants and boots, you should do what? 4. True or False: If a stinging insect is flying around […]

Sting and Bite Safety – August 2023

Sting and Bite Safety While working outdoors, it is common to come in contact with stinging insects and fire ants. It is important to take the proper precautions before working outside and ensure that you are familiar with the required treatment for insect stings and bites. Protect Your Self Wear light-colored clothing that covers as […]

Vacation Safety Quiz – July 2023

Questions 1. True or False: if you see someone caught in a rip current, run into the water immediately to help them. 2. When swimming, you should always have a __________. 3. True or False: you should never operate a boat under the influence because it can impair your decision-making abilities. 4. What should you […]

Vacation Safety – July 2023

Vacation Safety Farmers take vacations too, and because of this, it is important to always remember some safety tips while you or your loved ones are away from the farm. The beach can be a relaxing place, but it can also present a variety of hazards. Important Tips to Remember on the Beach and in […]

Child and Public Safety Quiz

Questions 1. True or False: children at least 15 years in age can be employed on farming operations. 2. Children should only ride as passengers on equipment if _____________________________. 3. True or False: children should never ride as a passenger on a lawnmower. 4. Where should chemicals and pesticides be stored? 5. At what age […]