Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – June 2021

Gasoline and Diesel Safety Information
Both Gasoline and diesel are flammable liquids. Always store at room temperature away from heat sources. Always store gasoline and diesel in approved and labeled containers and keep containers closed tightly to prevent spills. If minor spills happen, absorb with sawdust, paper, or rags. If major spills occur, contain and collect the spill. Then dispose of it properly. While using gasoline or diesel, always pour outside, never indoors to allow proper ventilation.

Chemical and Pesticide Safety Information
Always store chemicals and pesticides out of reach of children and pets. Never store either near food, animal feed, or medical supplies. Always store chemicals and pesticides in their original containers, never store them in drink bottles. If stored in drink bottles, they may be mistaken for something to drink by a child or other adult. If a pesticide or chemical cannot be determined or age is unknown, dispose of it properly.

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