Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Spotlight – July 2021

Jalen Wilkerson

Hometown: Seneca, SC

Position: Owner of Wilkerson Lawn Care

“Agriculture has been a big part of my life, I have always enjoyed everything about agriculture. However, I was not sure how I wanted to contribute to the industry. I started a landscaping company while I was in high school, my SAE was landscape and landscape design.”

How important is it for farmers and other people in agriculture be safe?
Our agriculture workers need to be safe because we do not have much time to spare. Time is money. Also, if our farmers are not safe, our harvest days could be affected. Which can lead to a shortage of supplies due to our demands.

How are employees trained to stay safe on the job?
My employees are trained to take their time. However, accidents are gonna still happen. Our job is to just limit that number. I feel that things happen when we rush. It’s essential to take your time and pay attention to our surroundings and what we are doing.

What do you think is the best way to teach agricultural safety?
The best way to teach agriculture safety is by letting one do things that they will do daily. Running equipment is always the biggest fear. Most machines in the industry are very powerful units. One must know how to operate the machine before going to complete a task.

How did you hear about the Ag Safety program?
I have the great pleasure of knowing some people that support agriculture as well as ag safety that attend Clemson University. They have informed me of ag safety’s importance and some things we face on jobs.

What is the biggest way to leave an impression on middle to high school age children?
The most significant way to leave an impression on a middle school / high school student is to get them to understand that anything can happen. Often, being young, we feel as if certain things can not and would not occur. However, anything can happen. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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