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Safety Information – March 2022

Electric Fence Safety

Electric fences are standard in many farming operations. They serve as an added barrier in most livestock operations. While many farmers are often familiar with this equipment, there are still many important safety factors to consider when installing, repairing, and utilizing electric fences.

1. Do not attempt to connect multiple energizers to one fence.
2. Electric fences can produce sparks. Do not place flammable objects near energized fences and in the event of a drought, place the energizer in low power mode if the option is available.
3. Energizer grounds should be a minimum of 65 feet from utility grounds.
4. Try to run electric fences perpendicular to overhead powerlines.
5. Do not attach electric fences wires to utility poles.
6. Per law, landowners are responsible for preventing audible interference with telephone lines. To do so, avoid running electric fences under and parallel to telephone lines.
7. Do not place electric fences close to radio towers.
8. Do not touch electric fences. Consult your doctor before working on or around electric fences if you have a pacemaker.
9. Do not use barbed wire for electric fences. This increases the chances for people or animals to become entangled in them.
10. Post warning signs every 300 feet where the public has access to electric fences, i.e., along roadways.

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