Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – April 2022

Chainsaw Safety

Operating a chainsaw can be a hazardous operation. However, using PPE and understanding the working of the chainsaw in your, these hazards can be limited.

  • Before operating your chainsaw, clear away any dirt, debris, small limbs, or rocks. Also, check for nails, spikes, or other metal pieces that might be present in the tree.
  • Always turn off your saw or engage the chain brake when transporting the saw on rough terrain.
  • While operating the saw, maintain firm contact with the handles and stand in a balanced position.
  • Always wear the proper PPE, including hand, foot, leg, eye, face, hearing, and head protection.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes while operating a chainsaw.
  • Keep an eye out for branches that are under tension. When they are cut, they may spring back and cause injury.
  • Always be mindful of saw kickback. To minimize kickback, do not saw with the tip and keep the tip guard in place.

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