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Sting and Bite Safety Quiz

Questions 1. True or False: If you are bitten by a snake on your hand, you should elevate your hand above your heart. 2. Stinging insects are often found around _________ ________. 3. If you are wearing pants and boots, you should do what? 4. True or False: If a stinging insect is flying around […]

Sting and Bite Safety – August 2023

Sting and Bite Safety While working outdoors, it is common to come in contact with stinging insects and fire ants. It is important to take the proper precautions before working outside and ensure that you are familiar with the required treatment for insect stings and bites. Protect Your Self Wear light-colored clothing that covers as […]

Ag Injury News Report

Ag Injury News Report 6/12/2023: Man killed in farm accident 6/8/2023: Man dead in farming incident in Jackson County 6/7/2023: Man dies in accident while working on barn near Fairfax 6/6/2023: Woman dies in tractor vs. pickup crash 6/3/2023: Man dies after ATV accident in Bethel 5/30/2023: Madison County Sheriff’s Office identifies 38-year-old man killed […]