Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety and Health for Youth in Agriculture

Youth Agricultural Safety Fact Sheet

The objective is to provide basic information regarding the health and safety of youth in and around agricultural operations.

• Children 20 years of age or younger account for 104 deaths annually on farms and ranches.
• Two common causes for agriculturally related child fatalities are drowning or machinery incidents.
• Most non-fatal injuries are caused by livestock or falls.
• Children injured on agricultural worksites are often bystanders.

• Keep children in age appropriate farm tasks.
• Provide properly sized and age appropriate personal protective equipment.
• Never leave children unsupervised.
• Limit the access of non-working children from the agricultural worksite.

• Make sure children possess the strength, coordination, and motor skills to minimize risks on the farm workplace.
• Children should have the cognitive capacity to recognize and react to potential hazards.
• The ability to follow instructions is a skill children must have.
• The physical size of a child may be a factor to consider when bringing them to the worksite.

• Arrange for child care for non-working children.
• Teach children about hazards and dangers from a young age.
• Recognize and obey child labor laws.

*Image courtesy of Safety in Agriculture for Youth (SAY)*

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