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National Farm Safety and Health Week 2023 – Brain Health Quiz


1. During exercise, ________ ________ increase to the brain, helping keep it healthy. 
2. True or False: Your brain is like your biceps. If you do not use it, you will lose it. 
3. Getting a good night’s rest promotes _________. 
4. True or False: The brain is the most important organ in the body. 
5. Before operating an ATV, UTV, or other vehicle where the rider might fall off, what should be worn? 


1. Blood flow
2. True
3. Memory
4. True
5. A helmet to help reduce the risk of trauma to the brain.

National Farm Safety and Health Week – Brain Health

Brain Health

The brain is the most vital organ in your body. Because of this, it is essential to take steps in life to protect and promote the health of your brain. Protecting your brain can be looked at in two ways, both physically and mentally. Taking steps to protect and promote your brain health should be considered a necessity in everyday life. Below are some tips to help keep your brain healthy.

Physically protect your brain.
Before riding on ATVs, UTVs, or any other type of vehicle where the rider is subject to falling off, it is important to wear a helmet. A helmet helps protect the brain from trauma if the rider falls off. This can reduce the risk of concussions and trauma to the brain.

Exercise regularly.
Exercising regularly promotes blood flow to the brain and helps keep your brain healthy as well as your body. With increased blood flow to the brain, you are less likely to experience mental decline as you age.

Get plenty of sleep.
Getting a good night’s rest helps promote your memory and your brain health. It is recommended to get 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep not only helps with brain health, but it also helps with stress management and overall body health. While getting a good night’s rest may not be easy, strive to have a set bedtime and rise time to promote overall bodily health.

Remain mentally active throughout your life.
Your brain is just like your biceps… If you stop using your biceps, you will become weaker. If you stop exercising your brain, you will lose your mental capacity. This can be as simple as staying social or doing daily word puzzles. Just remember to challenge your brain every day.

National Farm Safety and Health Week – Confined Spaces Safety Quiz


1. All confined spaces should be ______ so others know before entering.
2. True or False: Spaces should be evaluated to determine if a space needs a permit to enter. 
3. Why do most incidents occur in confined spaces?
4. True or False: If an incident occurs in a confined space where someone becomes unconscious, you should immediately enter in to save the person. 
5. Confined spaces often have limited room and are not designed for ___________ ____________. 


1. Labeled
2. True
3. Low oxygen levels in the confined space
4. False
5. Constant occupancy

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2023 – Confined Spaces

Confined Space Safety

Confined spaces are often found in agricultural operations and often require entry. While these spaces are not designed for people, they often must be entered to perform various tasks and maintenance work. These spaces often have limited room for entry and exit and are not designed for continuous occupancy.

OSHA Standards and Requirements for Confined Spaces

Before entering a space, evaluate the space to determine if a permit is required to enter the space.
Take measures to ensure that employees do not enter a permitted space if they are not trained or equipped with the proper PPE.
Develop a plan for entering confined spaces and have all necessary certifications and trainings.

Incident Prevention

Label all confined spaces. This allows workers to identify confined spaces and take the proper measures before entry.
Evaluate all confined spaces to determine if they contain any potential hazards.
Provide workers with the proper training on determining if a confined space is hazard free and allows adequate entry and exit.
Test the air quality before entering a confined space. Most incidents occur because of low oxygen levels, combustible gas in the air, or toxins. In the event of an incident, never go in after the person. Call local responders to perform the extraction.
While a worker is in a confined space, contact is always kept with them.

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2023 – Priority Populations in Agriculture Quiz


1. True or False: There are often reproductive hazards to women in agriculture.
2. What is often a barrier to safety training for migrant and immigrant workers?
3. What group provides assistance to farmers with disabilities? 
4. Youth should have proper _________ and ____________ before being allowed to do an agricultural-related task. 
5. What are some common disabilities seen in aging farmers? 

1. True
2. Language barriers
3. AgrAbility
4. Proper training and supervision
5. Hearing loss, loss of mobility, and loss of response time

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2023 – Priority Populations in Agriculture

Priority Populations in Agriculture

The agricultural industry is comprised of a wide variety of people who all have different backgrounds. Often, when people think of agriculture, they think of the stereotypical answer of an older white man wearing over-alls holding a pitchfork. While some agricultural producers may look like this, many of them do not. Today we will shine light on the many diverse groups that call themselves agricultural producers.

In the past, farm equipment, PPE, and other agricultural-related devices were solely designed for the use of men. This has resulted in a greater risk for females who work in the agricultural industry because women often are smaller in size and weaker. Thus making being involved in agricultural operations more hazardous for them. Another common concern for women in agriculture is the potential for infertility and other reproductive risks that can come from blood pathogens from animals and exposure to various chemicals.

Migrant and Immigrant Farm Workers
It is estimated that 75% of all farm workers come from countries other than the US. Because of this, there are often language barriers between farm workers and their supervisors. This can result in reduced safety training for the farm workers, placing them in hazardous working environments.

Aging Farmers
In South Carolina, most primary farmers are above the age of 50. Hearing loss, loss of mobility, and slower response times are common disabilities that are seen in older farmers. By understanding risks and limitations, tasks can be modified for older producers to ensure that they are not put at risk of being injured. Assistance is also available for producers that have disabilities that are often associated with age. Visit the SC AgrAbility website for more information.

Oftentimes, youth are called to work on farms outside of school hours. While this can be a great help, many tasks are dangerous and not designed for youth to do. Always ensure that youth are properly trained before allowing them to perform a task and that they have the proper supervision. Always ensure that youth understand that the farm is not a playground and that incidents can happen in a matter of seconds.

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2023 – Health and Wellness Quiz


1. True or False: SC AgrAbility is a program offered to farmers in South Carolina to assist with health and wellness.
2. Always ensure that you have a good ________ ________ to lean on when you are stressed.
3. Why is the agricultural industry rather stressful?
4. Keeping your body healthy is important for what reason?
5. True or False: Your sleep quality has no effect on your level of stress. 


1. True
2. Support Network
3. Many things are out of the producers control.
4. Often, agricultural work is dependent on the bodily health of the producer. By remaining in good health, you can work longer.
5. False

National Farm and Safety Week 2023 – Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

While many people on the outside of agriculture view the industry as a relaxing and uplifting occupation, many of those in the industry feel the opposite. Agricultural work can be taxing on both the body and the mind. It is important to always remember that overall health and wellness are important to consider when going through life as a part of the agricultural industry.

Below are some tips to ensure that your health and wellness are a top priority in your life.

Managing stress in an agricultural setting.
The agricultural industry can be rather stressful because much is out of your control. To help in stressful situations, consider taking time to step back and take deep breaths or connect with people in your support network. It is important to ensure that you have a strong support network that you can lean on in times of stress and discomfort. Also, always try to get a good night’s rest and remember to fuel your body with adequate nutrition.

Bodily health should be a priority.
While going to the doctor is not always the most fun thing to do, it can be important if you begin having trouble with your health. If you notice a decline in your stamina, normal body functions, and just overall pain, take time to seek medical help. Oftentimes, your agricultural operation is dependent on the health of your body. By keeping your body in the best condition possible, you can continue your work longer.

Utilize your resources around you.
In South Carolina, there are many resources to help promote health and wellness. Two of these resources include SC AgriWellness and SC AgrAbility. Both of these programs offer educational materials, training, and assistance for farmers and producers in South Carolina.

National Farm Safety and Health Week – Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety Quiz


1. What is the top speed at which equipment with a slow-moving vehicle sign can travel?
2. Before traveling roadways, left and right brakes should be ________.
3. Between what hours are farm vehicle collisions most common?
4. What state ranked number 1 in the US for most deaths on non-interstate rural roadways?
5. If you see equipment with a slow-moving vehicle sign, what should you do immediately?


1. 25 mph
2. Locked together
3. 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
4. South Carolina
5. Reduce your speed immediately

National Farm Safety and Health Week – Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety

Equipment and Rural Roadway Safety

Rural roadways present a number of hazards to not only those operating equipment but also those operating passenger vehicles. In 2022, South Carolina ranked number 1 in the country for deaths on non-interstate, rural roadways. It is estimated that South Carolina’s fatality rate on rural roadways is 4.13 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles of travel.

Below are some tips to keep in mind while traveling on rural roadways.

Remain alert for slow-moving vehicles.
Always watch for vehicles that are marked with slow-moving vehicle signs. When you see one, reduce your speed immediately. If you are operating equipment on roadways, ensure that you have a slow-moving vehicle sign and that it is visible to other drivers on roadways. This sign alerts other drivers to the fact that you are moving at a speed that is less than 25 mph. Never display a slow-moving vehicle sign on equipment that travels at speeds greater than 25 mph.

Always pass with care.
Much like passing a standard passenger vehicle, always pass equipment on roadways with care and caution. Equipment is often longer and wider than the typical passenger vehicle. Because of this, it is important to ensure that there is enough room to pass at a safe speed and distance to not only protect your life but also the life of the person operating the equipment. From an equipment operating point of view, try to only use rural roadways during times that are not busy. Most passenger vehicle-farm equipment collisions occur between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. It is recommended that escort vehicles be used both in front of and behind the equipment that is traveling on roadways.

Ensure that all lights are in working order and brakes are locked.
Oftentimes, rural roadways have very little lighting and poor visibility. When traveling in farm equipment, ensure that all lights are properly working as to remain visible to other passenger vehicles. These lights act as a warning to other drivers to alert them that they are approaching farm equipment that is operating on a roadway. Also, ensure that your left and right brakes are locked before traveling on roadways.