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Tractor Safety and Rural Roadway Safety

Tractor and Rural Roadway Safety Fact Sheet

The objective is to provide basic tractor and rural roadway safety information, including operating procedures and proper roadway etiquette.

• Check for bystanders.
• Be familiar with the terrain and work area to identify any debris or obstacles
• Keep body within the platform.
• Allow glow plugs to heat before starting.
• Ensure the machine is neutral before starting, PTO is disengaged, and the clutch is depressed.
• Set range to the desired position with the clutch depressed.
• Carry loads as low as possible (if loader equipped) and always on the drawbar.
• Always keep the PTO properly shielded and walk around tractor and PTO driven implement.
• Be conscientious of tipping points.
• Drive slow enough to keep control over unexpected hazards and do not stop suddenly or make sudden movements.
• Travel up/down slopes rather than across, taking extra care when ascending or descending steep slopes.
• Take care when refueling to avoid spilling fuel onto a hot motor or exhaust.
• Maintain three points of contact when entering and exiting the machine.

• Perform a pre-operation safety check
• Travel up/down slopes rather than across
• Always apply the parking brake when ending operation and exit the vehicle

• Carry passengers
• Modify the ROPS
• Use faulty equipment
• Ignore the tipping point of the machine

• Make farm equipment visible with lights and flashers
• Remember the size of the farm equipment you are operating; avoid low bridges, power lines, and overhead structures.
• Communicate your movements with other motorists that are on the road.

• Give tractors and combines plenty of room to operate.
• Expect wider turns and the potential for the use of two lanes.
• While in front of farm equipment, do not come to a sudden stop.
• Watch for hand signals and other ways operators might communicate about their driving plans.

Source: Farm Bureau Financial Services

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