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Lawnmower Safety Quiz

Lawnmower Safety Quiz


1. What PPE should be worn when operating a lawnmower?
2. When mowing beside a road, what way should the chute be pointed?
3. Before removing debris from a lawnmower deck, what should you do?
4. True or false: passengers are allowed on a lawnmower.
5. Where should a lawnmower be stored after use?


1. Closed‐toed shoes, ear, eye protection, long pants, and long sleeves
2. The chute should be pointed away from the road.
3. Before removing debris from the deck of a lawnmower, always turn the engine off and remove the key.
4. False; passengers should never ride on a lawnmower.
5. A lawnmower should be stored on level ground, out of access from children or untrained individuals.

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