Clemson Agricultural Safety

Lawnmower Safety

Lawnmower Safety


  • PPE: closed‐toed shoes, ear, and eye protection
  • Always turn off mower engine when removing any grass, cleaning clogged chutes, or crossing gravel paths and road
  • Do not allow children to ride as passengers
  • Keep all guards, shields, switches, and other safety devices in proper working order


  • Check for bystanders.
  • Move the on/off switch to on, close choke, prime the fuel line, grasp the pull cord handle firmly, and pull until the tool starts, then place the choke back in the open position.
  • When operating near or on loose material, be sure to position the mower so that the discharge is away from bystanders, fragile objects, and the road.
  • If operating near a roadside, look up often to ensure there are no oncoming cars.
  • Mow with discharge pointing away from trees to prevent the ricochet of projected materials from the mower.


  • Park on even ground in a safe location out of access to untrained persons and children
  • Stop the ride on the mower and shift the gear selector to the park position.
  • Raise and secure the cutting blades.
  • Lock the parking brake.
  • Stop the engine and remove the keys.
  • Remove any materials from around the engine and mowing deck
  • Remove the grass catch bag and empty the contents

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