Clemson Agricultural Safety

Roadway Safety Quiz – April 2024


1. List three things that are protective equipment for agricultural equipment.
2. A slow-moving vehicle sign is required on equipment that travels at less than __________.
3. Why is it dangerous to pass agricultural equipment on rural roadways?
4. Before traveling on a rural roadway in agricultural equipment, if you have ROPS, what should you do?
5. True or False: Braking suddenly in front of agricultural equipment on a roadway is not a concern; they can stop just as quickly as you can in a passenger vehicle.


1. Slow-moving vehicle sign, a flag for long loads, and working lights and flashers
2. 25 mph
3. Agricultural equipment is often wider than the lanes on rural roadways and can obstruct the view for passing.
4. You should put your seatbelt on to hold you in the zone of safety in case you experience a roll-over.
5. False, agricultural equipment cannot brake as quickly as passenger vehicles.

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