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Be Septic Safe this Holiday Season

Septic tank with pipe for cleaning

Be Septic Safe this Holiday Season With the holidays upon us, it’s essential to prepare our homes for guests. One preparation we cannot overlook is maintaining our septic systems. With more food and people, these wastewater treatment systems get a workout! A septic system uses natural and technological processes to treat household wastewater from toilets, […]

Home Invaders: Multicolored Asian Lady Bug Beetles

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Marion Barnes – Senior County Extension Agent Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles, aka “ladybugs” often invade our homes in search of a spot to ride out the winter months. In the fall these multicolored beetles may congregate on the sunny side of buildings, often by the thousands. These insects were first introduced by the U.S. Department […]

Pie Fillings

Christine Patrick, Extension Agent The recipes for fruit pie fillings all use a modified food starch called Clear Jel®. This starch produces the correct thickening, even after the fillings are canned and baked. Other starches, such as cornstarch, break down and result in a runny filling. Clear Jel® must be used as the thickener in […]

Making Comfort Foods Healthier

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent When the weather gets cooler and the leaves start turning beautiful colors, you may look forward to eating warm, rich, and hearty comfort foods. Unfortunately, they can wreck your diet and cause you to pack on extra pounds unless you modify your recipes or limit your portions. Research shows that […]

Fall Leaves: A Nuisance or a Resource


Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Each fall many homeowners across the state enjoy the vibrant colors that our trees provide as leaves change colors, but come winter, leaves begin to fall and cover lawns and yards creating yet another chore. Raking, piling, and bagging unwanted leaves represents a time-consuming and labor-intensive job that comes […]

Sassemanesh Adds Zest to the Holiday Season

Christine Patrick There’s nothing quite like those tart little sassemanesh berries to add zest to meals at Thanksgiving. What’s that? You’ve never heard of sassemanesh berries? Well, maybe you know them better as cranberries. Sassemanesh is one of the names given to the fruit by some eastern Native American tribes. The Algonquin called them atoqua, […]