Savannah Valley District

Stay Grounded: Be Safe Around Electrical Systems on the Farm and in the Home

Rebecca H. Davis, Area Water Resources Agent Summer brings thoughts of vacation, hot days, and afternoon thunderstorms! During storms, the first concern is getting inside to keep dry. However, it is important to keep in mind that electrical storms can cause power surges which can damage equipment and cause personal injury and death by electrocution […]

EFNEP Nutrition Education for Teens and Youth Program

Christine J. Patrick, Senior Agent – EFNEP Situation – Many children and adolescents in the United States are obese. According to the National Survey of Children’s Health, policy and school curriculum changes that make it easier for children and adolescents to eat healthily and be physically active can help reduce obesity. The Expanded Food and […]

FoodShare Hampton at Huspah Missionary Baptist Church

Michelle Altman, Rural Health Extension Agent – Hampton County In 2021, two corporate grocery stores closed permanently in Hampton County. Supply chain issues were/are affecting current grocery stores. Hampton County has a population of 18,180 and a Food Insecurity Rate of 16.6%. Adult obesity ranked at 45%. The poverty rate is 19.6%. Chronic health issues […]

“The Thunder Rolls and the Lightning Strikes”

Charles W. Davis Jr., County Extension Agent – Agronomy “The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes” are not just catchy words to a famous Garth Brooks song. They are words that should remind all farmers who use center-pivot irrigation systems of the potential for danger, harm, and even death. Summer thunderstorms in the South are […]

4-H Embryology – Dorchester/Charleston 4-H School Enrichment Programming

Molly Jones 4-H Youth Development Agent – Dorchester County Experiential learning is essential in youth learning and development. Experiential learning engages multiple senses and increases the retention of information. This type of learning involves numerous teaching methods focusing on child-centered learning, building competence and confidence inside and outside the classroom (Spann, 2022). 4-H Embryology Project […]

Dicamba Certification Programs

Jonathan K. Croft, Agriculture Extension Agent – Orangeburg County The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented a rule that individuals purchasing and applying restricted use dicamba herbicide formulations participate in an approved certification-of-use program to obtain a Dicamba use license. The required training was due to the thousands of cases of dicamba herbicide injury to non-target […]

July Tips for Coastal Landscapes

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent – County Coordinator Lawn – Check rain gauges and run sprinklers as needed to keep grass healthy and green. One inch of irrigation can be added weekly without sufficient rainfall. Look for any damage from insect pests or diseases and treat it early if problems exist. Shrubs and Trees- Pruning […]

Planning A Fall Garden

Rob Last, Horticulture Agent – Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, and Hampton As we progress through the summer heat, as gardeners, we are beginning to turn our attention to growing fall vegetable crops. A common question this year, given increasing food costs, is what and how do I grow fall vegetables. Factors to Consider: Who is going […]

Staying Safe in the Summer Sun: Avoiding Heat Stress and Heat-Related Illness

Marion Barnes, County Extension Agent Working outside is a daily reality for those who make their living farming. This can mean long hours in the hot, humid summer growing season. To protect themselves, farmers should be familiar with heat stress and heat-related illnesses and take proper steps to prevent them. What is heat stress? The human […]

Homemaker’s Column: Getting Children to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Summertime is in full swing, meaning the grocery store is colorful with fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce is at the most vibrant and tasty, providing the perfect opportunity to get kids to eat it. However, this task may be easier said than done. Often children have an […]