Savannah Valley District

Homemaker’s Column: Slow Cooker Food Safety

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP A hot savory meal is good at the end of a workday. It is an excellent time to use your slow cooker for a quick meal after work. There are countless recipes for perfect slow-cooked meals, but safety should be the top priority. So, before you get […]

Construction Site Sediment and Erosion Control Best Management Practices

Erosion Control Best Management Practices

Ellen Sturup Comeau, Water Resources Agent Polluted stormwater runoff is the greatest threat to water quality in South Carolina. A common stormwater pollutant is sediment. Sediment is harmful to water quality because it can contribute to flooding issues and property damage, injure or kill aquatic life and habitat, and limit our ability to swim, fish, […]

Homemaker’s Column: Food Safety During A Power Outage

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Storms and heavy winds can arise and create perfect conditions for power outages. Losing power is a hassle, and one of the things we need to consider immediately is the safety of stored food.  One of the fundamentals of food safety is temperature. For many perishable foods, […]

Beaver Control and Management

Parker Johnson, Forestry and Wildlife Agent The North American Beaver is present in all 46 counties of South Carolina. If you want to control and manage beavers on your property, there are several lethal and non-lethal options to implement in your management strategy. Depending on the situation, trapping or shooting beavers is often the most […]

Homemaker’s Column: Have A Heart Healthy Month

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP During February, we observe American Heart Month. Do your heart a favor by exercising regularly and eating healthful foods, including plenty of deep red and bright pink fruits and vegetables every day. The “red” color group of fruits and vegetables is rich in many health-promoting and disease-fighting […]

Soil Sample Drive at the Fall Plant Sale 2021-2022

Samantha Porzelt, Water Resources Extension Agent – Dorchester County On October 23rd, 2021 the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium collaborated with the South Carolina Native Plant Society Lowcountry Chapter to provide a Soil Sample Drive at the Fall Plant Sale. Customers of the plant sale had the opportunity to bring in soil samples from their […]

It’s Time for More Strategic Alliances

Steve Richards, Clemson Agribusiness Team Economic and regulatory demands on a farm continue to increase, yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. How can an individual farmer keep up with all the demands on their time and money? In the past, one solution to this problem was the farmer-owned cooperative. Farmers banded together […]

Homemaker’s Column: Healthful Snacks for Everyday and Super Bowl Sunday

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Are you one of the millions of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution to adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight? Then you must develop a game plan for snacking on Super Bowl Sunday. This event, which takes place on February 13, is one of the worst […]

Center Pivot Irrigation System Efficiency

Center Pivot Irrigation System

Rebecca H. Davis, Area Water Resources Agent Center Pivot irrigation systems are the most used irrigation systems for row crop growers in South Carolina. Frank Zybach invented the center pivot in 1948 in Colorado. His design was to replace the use of labor-intensive irrigation pipes with a self-propelled system that rotates around a central tower […]

2021 Mississippi Row Crop Short Course

Row Crop Short Course

Hannah Mikell, Agronomy Agent – Clarendon County I attended the 2021 Mississippi State University Row Crop Short Course at Mississippi State University in early December. Resistance management, ThryvOn cotton, Soil Moisture sensors were just a few high points I thought were popular among growers. The three-day program featured research presentations from University scientists and farmers […]