Savannah Valley District

Brake For Terrapins

Amanda Taylor, Forestry and Natural Resources Agent (c) 2011 Todd Pierson, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC) If you drive alongside brackish water between early May and the beginning of July, you may glimpse a secretive creature crossing the road. Be sure to hit the brakes!  Diamondback terrapins are not just another turtle. Derived from the […]

Safe Driving Tips During Planting Season

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent – Clemson University There are certain times of the year when farm vehicles and equipment will be more prevalent on the highways, such as spring planting and fall harvest, and motorists need to be aware of this increased activity and exercise caution and patience. With planting season underway in […]

4-H Embryology Teaches Life Lessons

SHANNON HERNDON, 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AGENT 4-H Embryology to Educate Project was in classrooms in Bamberg & Barnwell County Schools during the month of March. Schools set up incubators with fertilized chicken eggs for 21 days. Students monitored temperature and humidity and recorded daily development. 54 chicks out of 8 incubators went to their new […]