Savannah Valley District

H.O.P. with the Healthy Options Program!

Roxane Cummings, Rural Health & Nutrition Agent Did you know that Bamberg is a HOP county? HOP, or the Healthy Options Program, is a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) funded program that addresses health disparities related to nutrition, physical activity, or obesity. According to U.S. News and World Report (2022), Bamberg County has a 41.0% […]

Shooting Sports and Natural Resources taught at 4-H Wild at Webb Camp

Shannon Herndon, Senior Extension 4-H Agent Two-thirds of US households have firearms. Youth need to understand firearm safety and how to use firearms correctly. South Carolina 4-H and SC Department of Natural Resources have partnered to offer a weeklong shooting sports and natural resources program held at the Webb Wildlife Center in Garnett, SC, for […]

Agriculture Enrichment After School Program

Hillary Pope, Area Livestock & Forages Agent This past school year, we partnered with the Save the Children After School Program at Allendale Fairfax Elementary School. About 60 youths were enrolled in the program, and throughout the school year, they learned different aspects of agriculture production. We started with Embryology, where students were able to […]

Ways to Use Cherry Tomatoes

Gayle Williford, Food Systems and Safety / 4-H Agent, Berkeley County Your mid-summer home garden is pumping out vegetables faster than you can harvest them. The cherry tomatoes are piling up on your kitchen counter. What can you do with them? Don’t waste them. Cherry tomatoes are very versatile. They can be used as garnishes, […]

Jasper County Junior Leadership Program 2023-2024

Felicia C. Cunningham, 4-H Youth Development Agent Junior Leadership Jasper County (JLJC) is a ten-month program in which high school sophomores and juniors are empowered to become trustees of the Jasper County community.  Fifteen students participated in the program.  Youth learned valuable leadership skills throughout the program, including communication, time management, responsibility, etc. The program […]

2024 4-H2O Camp Recap

Madison Parker, 4-H Youth Development & Beatriss Calhoun, Water Resources Agent The 4-H2O Camp hosted by Clemson University Cooperative Extension in Charleston County enjoyed another successful year! This program is designed for youth aged 9-12, the camp offers an immersive exploration of the outdoor world and local watersheds. Each day, participants engage in scientific lessons, […]

Barnwell 4-H Gardens Grow in Schools and in 4-H’ers Backyards

Shannon Herndon, County Extension 4-H Agent Vegetable Gardens, Pollinator Gardens and Backyard Gardens are all a part of the Barnwell County 4-H Gardening Program. Four county schools participate in the School Gardening Project. After teachers have completed a six-week online course in the curriculum, they are eligible to receive garden kits and transplants four times […]

When to Start Pruning

Glen Payne, Urban Horticulture Agent Azalea pruning should be completed now that the 4th of July has passed. If possible, avoid additional pruning, as the new buds will be starting to set for next year. Scout for any pests attempting to hide in the shade of the undersides of the leaves and treat pest populations […]

The Journey of a Watermelon: From Seed to Table

Local Watermelon Field

Anna Sara Hill, Horticulture Extension Agent Have you ever contemplated how that juicy watermelon on your table was grown; or have you wondered how the grower knows when it is the right time to pick it? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and more. Traditionally, seeds were sewn directly into the field. […]

Deer Damage in Cotton Yields

Rogan Gibson, Extension Agronomy Agent There are many problems farmers are facing when it comes to growing a crop. If you asked every farmer in the Allendale/Hampton counties, “What is the number one problem you are experiencing every year?”. The answer would be deer damage, which is getting worse yearly. Some farmers in the area […]