Savannah Valley District

The Clover Connection – Learning About Those Who Work to Keep us Safe

Dawn Stuckey, 4-H Youth Development Agent – Colleton and Hampton Counties

Learning about local first response agencies has been the topic of this year’s Hampton County 4-H Club meetings. The youth expressed interest in learning about the buildings and businesses around the Clemson Extension Office. The club began the tour at the 911 Dispatch Center in December. 4-H’ers were able to see how emergency operations function from the initial call to the arrival of the response team. Dispatchers Ms. Aspen and Ms. Deborah worked with the club members to teach them what to say when they had to call 911 for help and helped locate their homes on the map to be sure they could be found. Many members realized they needed to learn a bit about their addresses and phone numbers to get help quickly.  Ms. Stephanie took the group through the Emergency Operations Room on the way through the building and popped us out at the EMS station. Luckily, as the tour was ending, EMS was returning to the building giving an extra lesson on what to do to provide first aid to someone. What a great learning experience for our youth! Thank you, Mrs. Susanne Peeples, Hampton County 911 Dispatch, EOC, and EMS, for helping “Make the Best Better.”

A final stop at EMS for information on first aid and what to do until help arrives.

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