Savannah Valley District

National Farm Safety and Health Week

Marion Barnes, County Extension Agent, Clemson University Anyone actively involved in farming can tell you about the hazards and risks encountered while providing the food, fiber, and fuel this country and the world depend on. Just as consumers sometimes overlook the important role farmers play in their lives, farmers often overlook the dangers of farming. […]

Picking Up the Pieces – Managing Livestock Pastures After a Severe Weather Event

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent- Clemson University Severe weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms remind us of how vulnerable we all are to weather events. Livestock producers are no exception. These events cause stress and problems for livestock as well as producers. When storms cause damage to personal property, dwellings, outbuildings, and other […]

Weekly Field Update

Phillip Carnley, Area Horticulture Agent Orangeburg and Calhoun have been exceptionally wet. Cucumbers show signs of root rot and pythium from too much moisture in fields. Symptoms range from wilt to outright death. Tomatoes are at their end with decent quality for this late in the season. Watermelons are still being picked with excellent quality and […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillars Are on the Move

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent – Clemson University Spring has arrived in the low country; home gardeners are working in their gardens, azaleas, and dogwoods have been blooming for several weeks, and tent caterpillars are appearing on our trees’ foliage and shrubs. The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum, is a native pest of North […]

Fruit and Crop Report

Phillip Carnely, Area Horticulture Agent So far, the drier weather has been nice for berry growers here in the Midlands. Botrytis is starting to flare with the cool, moist mornings. Switch or any of the group 7 and 11 fungicides work well and will also help control the threat of anthracnose if your berry patch […]

Managing Annual Clovers for Natural Reseeding In Wildlife Food Plots: Will it Work?

Marion Barnes, Clemson Extension Colleton, and Hampton Counties As the name suggests, annual clovers require planting each year or re-established depending on their reseeding ability. Natural reseeding is not without risk and is dependent on numerous environmental conditions. A clover variety’s reseeding potential depends on good stands, hard seed percentage and quality, browsing pressure in […]

Pecan Fertilization

Rob Last, Horticultural Agent Cooperative Extension – Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, and Hampton Counties As the weather begins to warm up in February and March, our thoughts start toward pecan fertilizer applications. Correct fertilization is critical for pecan trees to achieve optimal nut yields. The process of fertilization begins with a soil test. There is still […]

Farm Safety: New Years Resolutions

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Clemson University The New Year brings with it the talk of resolutions. Resolutions, however, have a reputation for being declared and then forgotten. Why not make a promise this year involving your family and their future? Make a promise to create a safer work environment for your farming operation. […]

Colleton/Hampton County Annual Fruit and Ornamental Tree Sale Fundraiser

Tree Sale Logo

The Clemson Extension Service of Colleton County is holding its annual Fruit and Ornamental Tree sale fundraiser. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Clemson Extension and 4- H programs in Colleton County. Order forms are available at the Colleton County Extension Office located at 611 Black Street, Suite 210 (Bernard Warshaw Building) or on the […]

2023 Fruit Tree Sale – Beaufort and Jasper County

Clemson Extension 4-H

Clemson Extension Annual Tree Sale Returns BEAUFORT, South Carolina – Clemson Extension is hosting the annual fruit and ornamental tree sale.  This sale is a fundraiser to benefit Beaufort & Jasper County 4-H programs.  A wide range of bare root trees will be available for purchase.  Among some of the fruit varieties offered are blueberries, […]