Savannah Valley District

Around the Countryside Does My Garden Need Lime?

Marion Barnes – Senior County Extension Agent Does my garden need lime? If you live in the southern part of the state, the answer is most likely maybe! This is because our southern flat woods soils are characteristically acidic, low in organic matter, and have low nutrient-holding capacities. Over time our soils become acidic because […]

Getting Teenagers to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

"Teen Cuisine"

Christine Patrick, Senior Agent – EFNEP Teenagers often have an adverse reaction to being asked to eat fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that giving children choices can increase their fruit and veggie intake by 15.6%! You can provide options by letting children prepare their fruits and vegetables. To keep meals and snacks interesting for […]

Homemaker’s Column: Are You A Breakfast Skipper?

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent- EFNEP Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is often missed. Skipping breakfast causes irritability, sluggishness, slow thinking, and inefficiency by mid-morning. For quick energy, you may crave snacks like candy or a cookie. Usually, the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast aren’t “made up” at other […]

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Barrell Drawing

Ellen Comeau In the United States, rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular in residential yards due to the many benefits. It can protect our waterways by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff, the strain on local aquifers, and flooding risk. The practice can also help homeowners reduce their water bills, prevent erosion and moisture control […]

The Agriculture Literacy Program

Ag Books for Allendale

Hillary Pope, County Extension Agent – Allendale Ag Books for Allendale is an agricultural literacy program for kindergartners attending school in Allendale County. Clemson Extension Agent Hillary Pope is partnering with Allendale County Farm Bureau to help start the new program. The agriculture literacy program was created to allow students to learn about agriculture in their […]

Babysitter Basics taught at 4-H Super Sitters

Lexie Barnwell and Reace Hutto

Shannon B. Herndon, 4-H County Extension Agent Every other year Bamberg and Barnwell County 4-H offers a 4-H Super Sitter Babysitter Workshop for youth ages 12-15 over winter break. Participants learn the qualities a responsible babysitter possesses, caring for babies and toddlers, handling emergencies, and preparing for parent surprises. During the workshop, youth learn to […]

4-H Junior Master Gardener

Meghan Barkley, 4-H Extension Agent Beaufort County 4-H is working with Coosa Elementary to pilot a Junior Master Gardener program with the 4th-grade class. Laura Lee Rose and the Master Gardener Volunteers provide teaching and support to the budding gardeners. Soils & water, plant growth & development, ecology, and healthy lifestyles are among the session […]

What is Rural Health at Clemson Extension?

Source: Clemson Extension Rural Health

Michelle Altman Rural Health Agent – Hampton County At Clemson Cooperative Extension the Vision is: Clemson Extension will be the trusted source of unbiased, research-based information relating to agriculture, community, environment, food, health, and youth in South Carolina. The Rural Health Extension Program Team of Clemson Cooperative Extension offers scientifically supported initiatives and programs to […]

Farmer Led Field Testing of Nematode Resistant Cotton Varieties

Charles W. Davis Jr, Agronomy County Extension Agent Cotton farmers in Calhoun County have battled nematodes for years. These microscopic worms often infect plant roots, causing galling, root death, and yield loss. The most common species affecting cotton in Calhoun County are Southern Root Knot and Reniform. Typically, pesticides called nematicides have been placed in […]

SC Corn and Soybean Grower

Jonathan K. Croft, Agriculture Extension Agent During the 2021 growing season, South Carolina farmers reported planting 390,000 acres of soybeans and 420,000 acres of corn.  To bring research results and production information to SC farmers for the 2022 crop year, Clemson Extension partnered with the SC Soybean Board to host the SC Corn and Soybean […]