Savannah Valley District

Babysitter Basics taught at 4-H Super Sitters

Shannon B. Herndon, 4-H County Extension Agent

Every other year Bamberg and Barnwell County 4-H offers a 4-H Super Sitter Babysitter Workshop for youth ages 12-15 over winter break. Participants learn the qualities a responsible babysitter possesses, caring for babies and toddlers, handling emergencies, and preparing for parent surprises.

During the workshop, youth learn to make snacks and create items for the fun bag out of household items. A certified medical personnel reviews first aid and how to clear a blocked airway on an infant. Participants have a chance to practice their skills and interact with toddlers. 4-H Teen Leaders share their babysitting experiences and assist during the two-day workshop. The twelve-hour workshop concludes with demonstrations for the parents. Over 130 youth ages, 12-15 have learned babysitting basics since the first workshop held in 1998 in Bamberg County.

Lexie Barnwell and Reace Hutto
Lexie Barnwell and Reace Hutto practice properly feeding a baby at 4-H Super Sitter Workshop held in Bamberg County.

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