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Preserving Foods for Later Use

Gayle Williford, Food Systems & Safety Agent, Berkeley County The goal of preserving should be to keep food safe while retaining nutrition and quality. There are numerous methods available to complete this task. A good preservation method must: 1) Keep the food acceptable, 1) safe, and 3) retain nutrition. Dehydrating or drying has been around […]

Keep it Safe When Brown-Bagging

CHRISTINE PATRICK, SENIOR COUNTY EFNEP AGENT Whether it’s students taking lunch to school or adults packing lunch for work, millions of people across the country pack a bag of lunch each day.  Bag lunches should be handled with care to make sure the meal inside remains tasty and safe to eat. Follow these safety tips […]

Upcoming Workshops

  Samantha Houston, Food System, and Safety Agent I had a great time speaking at the Midstate Beekeepers Association’s August meeting. We spoke about how to sell honey and honey products in South Carolina. I have the upcoming Principles of Pickling Workshop on September 13th  for food preservation workshops. I am making my schedule for […]

How Do You Can…?

Gayle Williford, Local Food Systems & Safety Agent, Berkeley County Humans have been preserving food since the beginning of time. Some methods, such as dehydrating, have been practiced since prehistoric times. Removal of water from food reduces the opportunity for certain types of spoilage to occur. Freezing is simple and requires the least amount of […]

Freezing Prepared Foods

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent Preparing food ahead of time and freezing it can save time, add variety to your menu, offer quick meals for unexpected company and provide nutritious choices for busy days. When you are preparing a main dish, it takes only a little more effort and time to make enough for […]

The “Germiest” Items in the Kitchen

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent We all know that cleanliness in the kitchen is crucial for the prevention of foodborne illness. Constant cleaning and sanitation of counters, appliances, and utensils is a requirement. While most of us are good at keeping the obvious kitchen items clean, there may be germs lurking in places that […]

The Essential Kitchen Item

Gayle Williford, 4-H Youth Development/ Food Systems & Safety Agent What is one of the most critical tools for anyone who cooks? A food thermometer, of course! Not long ago, consumers were told to cook poultry until the juices run clear. Today, they are instructed to cook foods to a safe minimum internal temperature. The temperature […]

The South Carolina Home-Based Food Production Law

Samantha Houston-Food System and Safety Agent The South Carolina Home-Based Food Production Law, more commonly known as the Cottage Food Law, allows our state residents to manufacture food items that are considered safe in their home kitchens for sale directly to consumers. This law was amended as of May 2022, providing exciting news for our […]


CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT One of the most common food safety questions asked is “How long can food be stored before it becomes unsafe to eat?” There are different recommendations for most foods and HGIC is a great place to call or visit online when you are unsure. Food manufacturers often label their products […]

Gayle Williford, 4-H Agent and Food Systems and Safety Agent: Dorchester and Berkeley Counties

Gayle Williford

Gayle provides information in various settings to all age groups relating to foods, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. Information may be provided through classes/workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, etc. She currently holds membership in the SC Association of Extension 4-H Agents, National Association of Extension 4-H Agents, and the SC Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and […]